All Hail The Honey is an ongoing collaborative digital photo-novela created by Rendani Nemakhavhani (Honey) who works with photographer Kgomotso Neto (Gavini). The two celebrate blackness and the township through their personal gaze and experience of the hood. The series aims to show a better, more positive perspective of black people who live and are from the township.

The story of Honey and Gavini is told in chapters. Chapter one introduces Honey to the audience. Chapter two explores the relationship that Honey has with her hair. Chapter three is an ode to the drama series Yizo-Yizo, and introduces Honey’s partner Gavini. Chapters four and five explore the relationship dynamic between Honey and Gavini. In chapter six we see Honey feeling herself. Chapter seven takes us through Honey exploring her surroundings. In chapter eight we begin to explore and see how Honey finds herself wanting to grow out of her ‘infancy’ to become the PR$DNT.


As a young black creative based in Johannesburg the work that Rendani does is inspired by the people she’s come across in her life and various communities.

As an art director she seeks out authentic narratives about the people of South Africa and reflects them through illustration, graphic design, collaboration, writing, film and photography.

In 2014 she created an online collaborative project called 30 Days & A City that culminated in an exhibition in Maboneng.

The following year she was named a Design Indaba Emerging Creative. A set of her illustrations from 30 Days & A City were published in a book called Movement Johannesburg.

She then created All Hail The Honey on which she collaborated with photographer Kgomotso Neto. She has also been written about in various publications.

Nemakhavhani was a university lecturer and that has lead her to moving into the advertising world where she works as an art director.

Kgomotso Neto Tleane is a South African photographer with the mouldings of rural life and trimmings of fast paced city living. Born and raised in Ga-Maja, the Johannesburg based photographer creates imagery that effortlessly reflects both the grime and glory of the city he inhabits.

Known for his documentation of informal and underrated aesthetics, taxis and everyday people form a prominent feature in his work, whilst his collaboration with renowned communication designer, Rendani Nemakhavhani in The Honey is testament to his strengths as a conceptual photographer.

Featured on various tv and radio stations, various local and international publications such as between 10and5, Okayafrica, Asian Photography (India) and Radio Africa Magazine (Barcelona) among others for his work, Tleane along with Nemakhavhani were one of the participating artists in this year's Fresh Produce category at the lauded Turbine Art Fair.