Woman's month

All Hail The Honey whether she’s a village girl, a trap queen, one who makes her booty pop, a mother fucking bad-bad, an aunty, a mama, the lover, the cool kid, the “I’ll cut you Honey”, the “ I wish a nigger would Honey”, the Honey that’s got your back, the one who lights your fire. The Honey who eats like nobody is watching, the one with the gold tooth, the healer, the Honey whose money you better have. The fat Honey who knows her worth, the fuck shit up Honey, the one who conjures spells and catches lightning, the one who’s got her money right. The one who doesn’t give a shit that her eyebrows aren’t on fleek. The housewife, the gold-digger, the adventurer. All hail the Honey who doesn’t give a shit that her armpits aren’t shaved or that her boobs aren’t of societies standards. The Honey who will hold Liquor in her belly like she just swallowed a lions roar. The Honey with the stretch marks. The Honey who gathers clouds to nourish your roots. The one with the little booty. The Honey with no chill. The tatted Honey, the sensual Honey, the unavailable Honey, The Honey who carries the world on her shoulders.

All hail the mother fucking Honey man.